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Website: https://blinc-eu.org/

blinc eg

Founded in 2005, the Blended Learning Institutions’ Cooperative is a network of organisations that have previously been involved in EU-funded LIFE and e-learning projects in the health, social and environmental sectors. By 2015, blinc was made up of more than 30 organisations and individuals from 22 European countries. blinc is dedicated to enhancing the exchange between educationalist and academic researcher and offers a platform for sharing know-how and experience including evaluation, valorisation and networking. The network provides expert support in the fields of:

  • training and organisational development
  • networking and
  • evaluation (both internal and external)


Website: https://blinc-eu.org/


Bildung und Project Netzwerk (BUPNET) is an Adult Education provider with extensive experience in supporting adult learners from all sectors in Germany. Established in 1985 as a provider of adult education in the fields of project management, vocational training and counselling, BUPNET has a strong multi-disciplinary team which develops and implements innovative training and consultancy projects locally, nationally and across Europe. The main focus of these projects is:

  • the job security and career development of employees mainly small and medium enterprises and the consequent promotion of businesses
  • the professional reintegration of jobseekers
  • the development and testing of innovative educational approaches and methods

With a strong commitment to supporting continuing Professional Education they have helped many thousands of people to successfully meet the demands of a constantly changing world of work. BUPNET has an extensive network of cooperation partners eg chambers and associations, universities, municipalities and professional institutions both within Germany and across Europe.

CATRO Bulgaria

Website: https://www.catrobg.com


CATRO Bulgaria is part of a leading Austrian consultancy company for education and training – dieBerater® which provides various trainings for individuals and organisations. CATRO provides cutting-edge know-how in all areas related to human resources management and development.

Their team consists of specialists with international experience and expertise in recruiting new talents, developing employees’ potential, providing HR consultancy, and supporting social causes through CSR activities. They take into account local market and culture specifics, strongly believing they are the most helpful to their clients by combining both the advantages of the global and the local experience and know-how.Their main aims are to motivate and qualify people to make full use of their potentials in the economy, at the labour market and in their personal lives.




CVNO is an educational and consulting organisation with 18 years of experience in the areas of project management for Human Resource Development. The organisation has particular expertise in the analysis of educational and training needs, HRD policy formation and the mentoring and coaching of managers. CNVOs services are used by domestic and foreign NGOs, entrepreneurs, businesses and a range of public sector organisations including Government Ministries, job centres, schools, colleges and universities.

die Berater

Website: https://dieberater.com/

die Berater

die Berater is an Adult Education provider which focuses on vocational training and human resource development. It has over 50 centres in Austria and also centres in Slovakia, Slovenia and Bulgaria. With a broad portfolio in further education and training die Berater is amongst the largest private educational institutes in Austria. die Berater supports more than 20,000 learners per year many of them on job orientation and vocational qualification programmes delivered on behalf of the Austrian employment service.


Website: https://inova.business/


Inova+ is a leading Portuguese company in the promotion and management of international projects of Innovation, Education and Training, and Research and Technological Development. The company seeks to transform ideas into innovation, delivering effective and sustainable solutions in cooperation with its partners. Our mission is to promote and manage international cooperation projects and to provide the knowledge, management capacity, technical and financial support needed to ensure successful accomplishments in several fields, namely Education and Training.

With a team of more than 40 consultants based in offices all over Europe, Inova+ has extensive experience in the design and development of training materials assessment processes, Human Resource Management, Information and Communication Management and Entrepreneurship.