Silver Age Silver Sage Initiative – Later-life Careers

Practice and counselling that enables and encourages older workers to remain in or re-enter the labour market


Age-sensitive careers guidance
and counselling
for older career changers

Learning Approaches

Reskilling older people
for alternative
employment options

Career Counselling

Developing tools
and products that support
the delivery of Later-life


Short-Term Mobility

Work experiences in other countries
to improve intercultural understanding and language skills


Good Practice

Sustaining and exploiting
the outputs
of the former SASSI projects

icon tools bag

Practical Rescources

Training Manual and Handbook
Digital tools
Guide to developing ‘Olderpreneurs’

Careers for
Best-Agers and Elderpreneurs

Europe’s future economic competitiveness and prosperity depends crucially on its ability to fully utilise its labour resources including through the extension of employment periods over the life course. In addition, demographic ageing is one of the driving forces behind the Europe 2020 employment target to increase labour force participation across the EU.

For social support systems to remain viable as Europe’s population ages, more people need to work and stay in work for longer over their lifetimes. To achieve this the adoption of appropriate, age-sensitive policies and practice that enable and encourage older workers to remain in or re-enter the labour market must achieved.