older workers have many advantages and experiences casual

Who is it for?

If you are a C-VET Professional (Trainer, Career Counsellor etc.), the materials on this platform will help you:

  • better understand the economic and social imperatives of maintaining fulfilling and meaningful work on later life – and why people want to or have to keep on working
  • a of the benefits of using the talents and experience of older workers
  • learn about new approaches to careers counselling
  • support meaningful and fulfilling work
  • learn about flexible working practices to support older workers in work and in transition
  • gain additional knowledge, skills and competences for counselling for later-life careers and upskilling older people to become Olderpreneurs
  • adapt innovative training contents and materials
  • develop strategies for supporting Olderpreneurs
  • assist learners in intercultural working and trading
  • evidence competence developments of your learners
  • build a increased network with an international group of guidance professionals

If you are an older worker, you might:

  • learn about the benefits and advantages of counselling and re/upskilling for ‘Later-life Careers’ and for productive longer working lives
  • be motivated to learn new skills, upskill, retrain or update through CPD
  • explore new forms of entrepreneurial activity including self-employment, social enterprise, digital trading/e-commerce, Legacy and Encore careers
  • improve your career decisions
  • consider becoming an Olderpreneur
  • develop an interest in transnational trading and later-life mobility
  • develop contacts and networks for further support and/or development